Accoya Decking

Accoya Decking

Decking is never better than when it’s made of real wood.

For a low maintenance decking that withstands wear and tear in any climate, Accoya is the answer. Resistant against cracks and splinters with superior stability compared to typical decking materials, Accoya combines the charm of real wood with exceptional performance credentials.

A timber that is durable, stable, sustainable and will last for 50 years in exposed areas?

Accoya® wood is the result of decades of research and development combining the proven wood modification technique acetylation with leading-edge technology to create a high performance wood, ideal for outdoor use and challenging applications.

With a 50 year above and 25 year in ground warranty, Accoya® Wood’s outstanding durability matches or exceeds those of the best tropical hardwoods. Manufactured from sustainable sources, Accoya® is non-toxic, dimensionally stable, indigestible to termites, perfect for coating, has retained strength, hardness and natural beauty and can be used for anything from windows to doors, decking to cladding, bridges to boats. Accoya® – the future of wood.