Accoya Projects

Bypass Road, Clonakilty, Co. Cork

Accoya© was used in the construction of a large contemporary coastal timber cladding railing measuring 350 metres in length on the Bypass Road, Croppy Quay East in Clonakilty, Co. Cork as part of the flood relief programme.

Designed by Giulia Valone (Senior Architect, Cork County Council) and constructed by Hennessy Timber Group (Co. Cork, Ireland), Accoya was an excellent choice of material for this external application as it met all the stability and durability requirements for the project.

Given the exposed location of the railing and its proximity to the coast, architect Gualia Valone wanted to use a more durable alternative to traditional cedar wood. Accoya was the perfect alternative as the weatherboards can endure the harsh weather conditions of Irish winters and can withstand the storms that this coastal area is exposed to.

This railing is used to hide away protective sheet piles which were placed as part of a flood relief programme and over time, the surface will become grey and natural and will blend in with the surrounding landscape. Acting as a protective barrier between the footpath and the harbour, Accoya is aesthetically pleasing and will not warp or twist over time.

Revolutionary and sustainable, Accoya is a High-Performance Modified Wood made from Radiata pine and is used by architects from across the globe in a range of innovative design projects due to its exceptional quality and longevity in widely varying environmental conditions.

Accoya is an incredibly durable building material which lasts for decades and comes with a 50 Year guarantee when used above ground. Working with timber for over 20 years, Hennessy Timber Group have the expertise to guide projects like this one and to advice on the best use of Accoya to ensure results that are both durable and aesthetically pleasing.


Photos: Dermot Sullivan