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At Hennessy’s we import high quality Latvian Redwood for use of our fencing products. Latvian Redwood is made up of tight grain timber which ensures durability and a long life span. Latvian redwood is grown much slower than other types of timber, usually between 80 and 120 years, guaranteeing that desired high quality finish.

We offer an unbeatable choice of high quality, durable fencing and fencing materials. We supply  different types of Fencing Panels, Trellis Panels, Posts and Rail Fencing per metre. These suit a variety of uses both in agricultural and domestic garden areas. All Post and Rail Fencing are produced from Pressure Treated timber. This ensures that the finished product is extremely durable and long lasting – making it a very beneficial option for use in equestrian or stud farms for example. Fencing is also very effective for increasing privacy and security, enhancing your property or as a screen or boundary around houses and gardens. Fencing  is also often used for containing children and pets.

Post and Rail:

We supply Post and Rail Fencing for many customers.


We manufacture Fence Panels for our customers. The timber we use is all fully Pressure Treated. We offer standard sizes, off-sizes and also different tops to Panels to include flat/straight top, rounded top or picket top. We offer the choice of Fully Closed Panels with no gap between boards, or Open Panels with a gap between boards.


Madrid Fence Panel