Action Towers

Hennessy Adventure Products  ACTION Towers         

The sport of climbing has seen a steady growth  over the last several years. Artificial Climbing Walls or climbing gyms are gaining popularity worldwide. Climbing facilities allow climbers to experience the physical and mental challenges associated with climbing using the latest in climbing technologies.

Hennessy Adventures use Head Rush Technologies products which make adventure activities safer, while increasing throughput and enhancing customer experience.


Construction – Hennessy Action Towers

  • Hennessy Adventure Products design and built a number of Action Towers using both Timber and Steel.
  • Our standard product is a tower 13 metres in height with a roof on top.
  • Steel staircase and landings are fitted throughout tower.
  • The Tower includes 2 climbing walls, facilitating 4 climbers at a time. One climbing wall of the tower is fitted with a slope, the other climbing wall is vertical.
  • Climbers on the vertical elements use top rope assisted belay or belay that automatically lowers the participant to the ground without the intervention of the instructor.
  • A third wall includes a platform 12m from ground level providing a launch platform where we typically install zip lines, jumps or a Powerfan.
  • The tower can also be connected with a platform and walk way for the Zip-line Adventure.
  • There is an option for the Tower is be fitted with lockable gates on various landings which offer access to a high ropes course.


Hennessy Action Towers – Climbing Walls


  • Can be used by up to 4 climbers at one time
  • Suitable for Children and Adults
  • Varying Grades of Climb
  • 10 metres of Climbing Height
  • Automatic Belay System used for maximum safety.

Outdoor Adventure Parks,  Schools, Universities, Campsites, Holiday Parks.

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