Berg Sports Goal Target Net


Enhance your accuracy training or add a fun challenge to games with friends using a Target Net for your SportsGoal. The net attaches swiftly and securely to the goal with Velcro straps, letting you aim for either the top or bottom corners. Whether your SportsGoal is size S, M, or L, there’s a perfectly fitting Target Net for each size to optimize your practice or play. For use with the Berg Sports Goal.



  • Enhances training sessions and games with precision-targeting
  • Easily attaches to the Sports Goal using secure Velcro straps
  • Suitable for practicing shots at both the top and bottom corners
  • Available Target Net for each Sports Goal size, ensuring a perfect fit
  • Ideal for both individual accuracy training and competitive play with friends




Sports Goal Small – 120 x 180 cm

Sports Goal Medium – 160 x 240 cm

Sports Goal Large – 200 x 300 cm

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