BERG Ultim Pro Bouncer Trampoline – Flat Ground


Bring the thrill of professional trampolining to your backyard with the Berg Ultim Pro Bouncer Flat Ground Trampoline, available now at Hennessy Outdoors in grey only! Designed for families and enthusiastic young jumpers, this premium trampoline combines advanced safety features with top-tier performance capabilities, ensuring every bounce is both exhilarating and secure. Whether your kids are practicing their aerial tricks or simply enjoying some fun in the sun, the Ultim Pro Bouncer offers the ultimate trampolining experience. Get ready to jump, spin, and laugh with the safest, most fun trampoline on the market!



  • Rectangular Design: Maximizes usable space, allowing jumpers to use the entire surface area for more controlled and higher bounces.
  • Exclusive Color: Available in a stylish and contemporary grey, fitting seamlessly into your garden’s aesthetic.
  • Safety Net Deluxe XL: Provides an extra-large, secure enclosure, tested extensively for safety to ensure peace of mind while your children play.
  • AirFlow Pro Jump Mat: Specially designed to allow 150% more air to pass through than standard mats, reducing air resistance and enabling higher jumps.
  • TwinSpring Pro Springs: These springs are longer, with more windings and a unique V-set-up that lets jumpers reach greater heights and gives more air-time for performing tricks.
  • Extra Thick, UV-resistant Padding: Offers maximum protection against impacts, ensuring a soft landing even after the highest jumps.
  • Super Strong, Extra High Frame: The durable, double-coated frame offers additional height and strength, providing a stable foundation that withstands vigorous use.
  • AeroWall 2 x 2: The unique Grey AeroWall is designed for performing (extreme) tricks by advanced jumpers. This wall is inflated and then attached to a super sturdy and solid frame. Add an extra dimension to your trampoline with this robust AeroWall.


Experience the joy of safe, high-performance trampolining with the whole family with the Berg Ultim Pro Bouncer Trampoline, your gateway to endless fun and active lifestyle at Hennessy Outdoors.





Delivered to Dublin, Cork, Limerick, Galway and Nationwide.

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