The Elysian Tower, Cork

Built in 2008 the Elysian Tower stands out in the Cork city skyline with the distinction of being the tallest building in the Republic of Ireland.The Elysian is a total height of 80 metres and stands as a landmark in the heart of Cork city.

For this development 4,500 square metres of Composite Decking was fitted onto Softwood bearers.

Hennessy Timber Group were contacted from an early stage for this development and were involved in both the planning and design aspects of this project. Hennessy’s also played a strong role in the deciding of which materials to use. Composite Decking was chosen as it is professional, low maintenance and long lasting. Composite Decking has a natural look does not require annual treatment. This was fitted on all balconies and roof gardens, creating a consistent and stylish finish. In total,  Hennessy Timber Group fitted 18 floors of decking.

The Elysian Tower is a show piece for future developments in Cork city. In order to adhere to the contemporary and chic building design of the Elysian Tower, Hennessy Timber Group successfully completed the project to a high standard to the satisfaction of both the client and the contractor. Whilst working on the development of the Elysian Tower, Hennessy Timber Group encompassed a strong focus on innovation, high quality design and superior craftsmanship. 

During the time of the Elysian development, the project entailed that largest once off decking job in Ireland at that time. Hennessy Timber Group successfully completed this project within a tight time scale as a result of pre-cutting and fabricating much of the material offsite at our factory in Clonakilty. This significantly reduced the time spent onsite and ensured minimum disturbance at the property.