BERG Ultim Champion Trampoline – Flat Ground + AeroWall


Elevate your garden fun with the BERG Ultim Champion Flat Ground Trampoline available at Hennessy Outdoors. Designed for the seasoned jumper, the BERG Ultim Champion Flat Ground Trampoline series combines high-quality materials with advanced engineering to offer an unmatched jumping experience. Whether you’re practicing aerial tricks or just enjoying some recreational bouncing, this trampoline makes every jump safer and more exciting. Ideal for families looking to add a durable and safe entertainment option to their outdoor space, the BERG Ultim Champion Flat Ground Trampoline keeps the fun going all year round.


BERG AeroWall

The unique BERG AeroWall is designed to let real jumpers perform (extreme) tricks. The Wall is pumped up and is then attached to a super sturdy and solid frame. This makes the Wall very sturdy and suitable for jumping up against. The Wall is easy to install and remove. The Wall can be used in combination with the BERG Ultim Champion and Ultim Elite FlatGround.


Key Features:

  • AirFlow and AirFlow Pro Jumping Mat: These innovative mats allow more air to pass through, reducing air resistance and enabling jumpers to achieve greater heights with each bounce.
  • TwinSpring Springs: Strategically mounted in a V-shape, the TwinSpring springs provide an expanded jumping area and enhanced power, allowing for higher and more energetic jumps.
  • Thick UV-Resistant Protective Edge: Safety is paramount when you’re soaring high. The thick, UV-resistant padding around the edges of the trampoline ensures extra protection and durability against all weather conditions.
  • Super Strong Frame: Built to support increased activity and higher jumps, our robust frame ensures your safety, handling extra load without any hassle.
  • Versatile Models: Available in regular, InGround, and FlatGround models, the BERG Champion Trampoline caters to every family’s needs, fitting seamlessly into any garden landscape.
  • AeroWall: Perfect for real jumpers allowing them to perform extreme tricks.


With the BERG Ultim Champion Flat Ground Trampoline, you’re not just buying a trampoline; you’re investing in countless hours of safe, exciting, and high-flying fun for the whole family. Jump into a world of endless adventure and keep challenging yourself with every bounce!


Berg Champion Above Ground

Berg Champion Above Ground

Berg Champion Above Ground

Berg Champion Above Ground

Berg Champion Above Ground








Delivered to Dublin, Cork, Limerick, Galway and Nationwide.


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